The Three Sisters

And The Healing Stone

A play in the spirit of a Nordic fairy tale. Linnea, Raina, and Sylvi can control the wind, water, and earth but have no power over their mother's mysterious illness. When their Grandfather gives them a chance to fix a mystical crown of healing stones, they set out on an epic journey and take fate into their own hands. But with selkies to save, a troll to trick, and a lindworm to defeat (not to mention the pesky North Wind, who cannot take a joke), will the sisters discover the stones and return home in time?

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The Author


Emily K Stevens

Hi! My name is Emily K. Stevens, and here are a few of the many things I love:
My Family, my friends, blank book, filled books, golden age fairy tale illustrations, Edwardian fashion, archeology, theater, costumes, Emma Thompson, Guillermo Del Toro, Creepy old houses, Lake Superior, mermaids, rocks, frogs, playing Beatles Rock-Band, art books old books, new books, audio books, coffee, tea, old family photos, comfy chairs, snorkeling, snow shoeing, napping, soft things, pretty things, fabric, paper lanterns, watching movies, feeding chipmunks while they sit on my knee (a trick I learned from my Grandfather, who was part gnome), traveling, staying home, going to museums, making art, making forts (with or without the help of my children), exploring the back-yard, spending time at the cabin, having dinner with friends.
I love learning about the past and about nature, but I also love that I am lucky enough to live in a time and place where woman can vote and I don't have to go outside to go to the bathroom when it is 10 below zero.